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Friends in Residence

Friends in Residence stay with us for a minimum of two weeks and up to twelve weeks, sometimes longer. Full board is provided in exchange for twenty hours work per week in the kitchen, the garden, the property, depending on our needs, and  your interests and gifts. The rhythm of the day makes time to worship, study, walk, play and enjoy life in community on the property. A car is available for FiR's to spend time off site.

Working Stays

Short term working stays are available @ $60 per night, full board in exchange for four hours work per day. Daily rates reduce with longer stays.

To volunteer, contact admin.office@silverwattle.com.au

The concept of service had never been clear to me and now it became so. I serve because I love God. My service - my work - is an expression of my love for everything that is God. So while the work I am asked to do may be difficult and may demand a great deal of me, I know I have been given another opportunity to love. And although loving is sometimes also difficult and demanding, it is, in the end, the most joyous and wondrous thing we can do.
— Sarah Briggs, 1992, "This We Can Say" 3:24

Landcare Community 2016

Gardening and Landcare Weeks

Gardening  and Landcare Weeks are held in every season - planting, weeding, harvesting and preparing beds for growing food, as well as caring for the land through re-vegetation, weed control and conservation of native flora and fauna. The schedule allows time for work, rest, worship, eating and learning together in community.

Volunteers are invited to contribute according to their skills, interests and abilities. Children are welcome. You can come for part or all of the week.

In recognition of the work provided, there is no charge to attend Gardening and Land Care weeks. However, donations to cover costs are welcome, up to $60 per day.

Click here to register for a Gardening & Landcare week

Contact admin.office@silverwattle.com.au for more information.