Our Purpose

Silver Wattle Quaker Centre has been established as a place to promote social and religious education, witness and service.  

Silver Wattle provides opportunities to live the Quaker testimonies – Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Earthcare in the context of a Quaker community. We welcome seekers in all spiritual traditions and encourage guests to take opportunities for rest and healing in the beautiful environment of the Silver Wattle property. 

What we do


Courses. Our weekend and week long courses combine the spiritual and the secular, and are offered throughout the year. Click here for the current offerings.

Library. Our reference library has an extensive collection of historic and contemporary Quaker writings, as well as an eclectic selection of books from a range of faith and cultural traditions

Community living. Our visitors are welcome to participate in Silver Wattle's daily work routine. This might include learning new skills by accompanying those who work with land care, animals and food production, or assisting with food harvesting and preservation in the garden and kitchen.


We offer space for:

  • self-managed reflection, silence and conversation in community

  • facilitated group-retreats of discussion, conversation and silence

  • seekers of solitude. Our simple caravan is set apart from (but is very much part of) the community


Silver Wattle offers visitors the opportunity for individual (re)connection with country and with self. 

We invite you to slow down, take time and make time to watch wildlife and landscape; to eat good fresh food to fuel bushwalks on tracks and trails and the lakeside labyrinth; to write, paint, sew, sculpt; to restore, renew and refresh.

A place for rest and contemplation

A place for rest and contemplation

The vision for Silver Wattle Quaker Centre is to:

  • Demonstrate prayer, simplicity and gratitude before God

  • Embody Quaker practice in all its aspects and activities

  • Welcome the spiritual presence in all who come to Silver Wattle

  • Encounter willingly and deeply the spirituality of Australian First Nations’ peoples and their care for this land

  • Reflect a way of life that is spiritually, physically, environmentally and economically sustainable in Australia

True godliness don’t turn men out of the world,
but enables them to live better in it,
and excites their endeavours to mend it.
— William Penn, 1682

A Brief History of Silver Wattle

Silver Wattle was established as a sheep grazing property in the late 1800s.  In 1995 it was sold, and a small conference centre established to provide outdoor activities and team-building exercises for community and corporate groups. The property then became the home of St Joseph House of Prayer, a Catholic community.

In 2009, Australia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (we're better known by our less formal names - Quakers or Friends) leased the property for a trial two years to offer courses and retreats. By mid-2010, it was clear to many Friends not only that such a centre was needed for Quakers and others, but there was also a strong leading that Silver Wattle was the right place.

A new company, Silver Wattle Quaker Centre Ltd., was formed to purchase the property and operate the centre and funds were raised by an appeal for donations and loans among Quakers. Silver Wattle came into our hands and under our care on 30 September 2011.