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Know thyself – Writing from the heart

Led by Kerry O’Regan

You will be invited to reflect on and write about small but significant events in your life that have led you to become the person you are today. Much of the time will be spent actually writing, and there will be discussion and guidance as to the forms this writing may take, with a range of possibilities being considered. There will also be suggestions given regarding the focus of each writing task and an opportunity for seeking supportive responses from others in the course. You will be guided gently through a process which will focus your reflection and consider where you might go from here with your writing from the heart.

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Kerry O’Regan has worked for many years helping people write - university students struggling with the mysteries of academic writing and people in palliative care wanting to write their stories as they approach their death. She has also engaged in her own personal writing from the heart and knows only too well how that process can be joyful, painful, confronting, liberating, and, ultimately, healing.

To learn more about Kerry, see this article in The Australian Friend