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Friendly Business – Clerks, Committee Conveners & Others

Led by Sheila Keane & Julian Robertson

This course is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Quaker tradition of Meeting for Worship for Business. If you want to learn more about how clerking a Meeting for Worship for Business is different from chairing a meeting in a secular context, this course is for you.

The course is designed to include those with greater and lesser degrees of experience in the Quaker business process and is well suited to committee conveners as well as past, present and future clerks.

There will be formal learning sessions on: 1) Discerning the sense of the meeting; 2) Clerking facilitation skills (including online meetings); 3) Responsibilities of the members of the meeting; and 4) Strategies to address difficulties; as well as opportunities to share our own personal experience. Learning sessions will include simulations and opportunities to practice what you are learning. The course will also provide for lots of free time to relax, share worship & meals, and be inspired by one another.

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Julian Robertson and Sheila Keane were co-leaders of the 2017 clerking course and are both longstanding members of the Religious Society of Friends with experience of clerking and eldering roles in a number of settings. Julian has served as clerk of Regional and Yearly Meetings as well as clerk of the Silver Wattle Board of Directors. Sheila brings long experience in leading workshops, is clerk of her local meeting and has served as convener of a number of online committees including the Silver Wattle Program & Learning Committee and the NSW RM Governance Committee.