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Mariann Bremner, Business Manager

What draws me to Silver Wattle is respect for each other, our diversity, our community, the land and all living creatures, as well as sustainable living practices.

After taking a break my professional life to nurture my son, my connection to Silver Wattle began as housekeeper a few years ago. It now continues as Business Manager where I can contribute skills acquired through diverse professional experiences including business management, travel, interpreting and administration. I am drawn to be of service and participate in this flourishing community. I aspire to fostering a greater connection with the local and greater community to secure Silver Wattle’s ongoing and future success.



Dick Field, Property Maintenance

Dick came to Silver Wattle as a member of the St Joseph's House of Prayer, originally housed in Goulburn. When the community was disbanded by the Catholic Church in 2009, Dick stayed on to become an integral part of establishing the Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, with his love and knowledge of the land, property maintenance, machinery and training in weed spraying.