Susan Clarke, Director

Susan has been a Friend since becoming a member of Devonshire Street Meeting in 1994. In 1997, she moved to Queensland and attended Meeting at Kelvin Grove.

In a time of spiritual seeking and renewal, she heard about Silver Wattle and served as cook a number of times before being led to leave music teaching and her home in Brisbane to volunteer for eighteen months as cook at Silver Wattle in 2013. After a time working at the Bungendore Post Office, she returned in 2016 to be Housekeeper and answered the call to apply as Director mid-year. 

“Silver Wattle has given me a sense of place and belonging, it is my spiritual home and I believe I have been brought here to build community and contribute to achieving the vision discerned by the founders in 2009. ”

Silver Wattle has inspired her love of photography, which has led to exhibitions in Canberra and the local community. She is also a facilitator and practitioner in Non Violent Communication.

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Mariann Bremner, Business Manager

What draws me to Silver Wattle is respect for each other, our diversity, our community, the land and all living creatures, as well as sustainable living practices.

After taking a break my professional life to nurture my son, my connection to Silver Wattle began as housekeeper a few years ago. It now continues as Business Manager where I can contribute skills acquired through diverse professional experiences including business management, travel, interpreting and administration. I am drawn to be of service and participate in this flourishing community. I aspire to fostering a greater connection with the local and greater community to secure Silver Wattle’s ongoing and future success.



Dick Field, Property Maintenance

Dick came to Silver Wattle as a member of the St Joseph's House of Prayer, originally housed in Goulburn. When the community was disbanded by the Catholic Church in 2009, Dick stayed on to become an integral part of establishing the Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, with his love and knowledge of the land, property maintenance, machinery and training in weed spraying.

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Shirin Richards, Farm Manager

I’ve been on a life journey of self-discovery and meaning for many years, training in different aspects of health and wellbeing, which has without doubt aided my growth and development. However when I studied a permaculture design certificate a year ago I gained the practical understanding of how we can help care and heal for mother earth. Last year was an opportunity for me to learn from farmers who are doing great work for the land and their local community through ethical farming, food production and education. The farmers I have encountered see elements of organics, sustainable farming, and permaculture as the way we have to move forward in order to protect the land and our food & water sources. They have shown me great generosity by sharing their knowledge in order to grow new famers to carry this ethical way of being. This is what I bring with me to Silver wattle in a hope to establish sustainable living through healthy food production, and regenerative work on the land to support the environment we are so privileged to reside in at this time.


Ruth Gaha-Morris, Cook/House Manager

Many of my earliest memories are of growing, cooking and preserving food. I am passionate about eating ethically and sustainably, having local food security, and I love to feed people amazingly tasty and nourishing food. As well as managing the cooking and provisioning for Silverwattle I am deeply involved with other local food projects. I work at a Canberra school to integrate gardening, cooking and healthy food programs for the kids. I am also manager of our local farmers market and work on multiple associated projects and committees.  I provide catering and run workshops in preserving, fermenting and cooking so that others can experience the satisfaction of preserving the harvest.
Much of the food we serve at Silverwattle is local and/or organic, and as sustainable and ethical as we can make it. Food is lovingly made from scratch, such as bread, yoghurt, muesli, jams and chutneys, cakes, sauces and dressings. Meals are prepared from the produce of our gardens as well as those of local farmers, so that food miles are kept to a minimum. In addition to this, knowing where our food comes from, and the farmers who have grown it, also us to ensure that it is chemical free and the animals are ethically treated. Bulk dry goods are purchased through co-ops and wholesalers and we attempt buy mostly organic Australian produce.


Liam Harper, Assistant Cook

Here at SIlverwattle I found a community of people who highest calling is respect for people, the land and spirituality. In Silverwattle have found a place for service, rest and contemplation, To cook and serve food that has come from the land. This is a honor that not many can claim and i will always be grateful this opportunity to learn and serve here at Silverwattle.

I was welcomed into the community and project of Silverwattle in 2016. I had been trained as a chef in restaurants in Canberra throughout 2014 and 2015. I was offered the position of assistant cook by Susan, the director when cooking for my own youth group on site.