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2019 Easter Family Gathering

A familiar, fun favourite for Friends and their friends!

In addition, Gina Price and Jenny Turton are offering a lively, inter-generational course in the days leading up to the gathering.

Combine the two day Collaborative Leadership training with attending the Easter Family Gathering and practice as we share the running of the family gathering. Book now for the Collaborative Leadership course to join the fun and learn how to lead, follow and thrive when working together at school, in community and in the workplace.

More details of the Easter Family Gathering coming soon.

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to May 2

Autumn Gardening Week (26 April - 2 May, 2019)

Gardening weeks are held quarterly and are a wonderful opportunity to learn some earth care skills (there’s a lot of permaculture and land care expertise amongst Friends).

Come and enjoy working and worshiping together in community. Even if you're not a mad keen gardener you could help out in the kitchen. Kids are welcome.

Gardening weeks are FREE (donations appreciated to cover costs). Come along and lend a hand for all or part of the week.

Please register here so we know you are coming.

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to Feb 7

Summer Gardening Week (1-7 Feb, 2019)

Time spent in the garden at Silver Wattle is deeply nourishing and working with others we can feel energised and our friendships deepen.

We can celebrate the beauty of Silver Wattle's environment, the open spaces and the bounty of the garden. We can share skills and knowledge.  We will work in the early morning and late afternoons, there will be time for rest, worship and fellowship.

Tasks will include watering,  weeding  and harvesting summer vegetables. Accommodation will be free, although a donation to cover costs would be appreciated.

Please register here so we know you are coming

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to Sep 17

EVENT FULL (registrations closed) Australian Friends Fellowship of Healing - Healing Gathering

Come and be nourished in this special healing place, where we will hold healing meetings in the manner of Friends, walk the labyrinth (weather and mobility permitting), and share our healing journeys with presentations of different healing modalities.  

During this gathering, a unique opportunity will be available to experience traditional healing with ngangkari from Central Australia.  Some members of the AFFH met Debbie Watson, a ngangkari, at Adelaide Yearly Meeting in 2017.  On Saturday, 15th September, two ngangkari will be offering treatments for Friends and others who wish to participate.

For registration please contact Elspeth Hull at elspeth102@bigpond.com

Debbie Watson, a ngangkari

Debbie Watson, a ngangkari

Some members of the AFFH met Debbie Watson, a ngangkari, at Adelaide Yearly Meeting in 2017.  On Saturday, 15th September, two ngangkari will be offering treatments for Friends and others who wish to participate. Bernard Tjalkuriny, a ngangkari from Central Australia, writes of his experience of spiritual healing:  

My spirit was flying like a bird

Up in the night sky are many twinkling stars and the Tjukalpa – the Milky Way.  Tjukalpa is like a ladder.  It is made up of stars.  Stars are kililpi.  I went on marali with Mr Miller’s grandfather.  My old grandfather took me on marali.  He took me on marali and taught me many things, gave me very valuable training.  I was surprised how much like a bird I felt.  My spirit flew with my old grandfather.  I was flying like a bird.  My spirit was flying like a bird.  That wonderful old man taught me so much on those journeys.  Sometimes I would get nervous if I lost sight of the ground and the earth, and I would wonder how far or how high we would be going, but my old grandfather always gave me confidence to keep going.  We would soar to and fro.  My kurunpa would sometimes get scared but I held on.  My grandfather always looked after me.

Tjukalpa is composed of thousands of kililpi, stars.  Tjukalpa is made up of stars.  Ngangkari go that place.  Everyone can see it but we go there.  We are taken there by the hand by the senior ngangkari.  It is exciting training but vitally important if we want to understand the way of the ngangkari.  Mapanpa can look like little bits of bone.  I had some bone mapanpa inserted into my forehead.  Only after that could I go on marali.  We give the appearance of lying down with our eyes shut, looking like we are asleep, but really we are flying in spirit up to the stars.  We also collect kuuti.  Kuuti are mapanpa.

 –  Page 201, “Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari” NPY Women’s Council Aboriginal Corporation, Magabala Books.



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