Hi, Nicholas Miller here. FIR and occasional kitchen hand at Silver Wattle.

I have been living, working and learning at Silver Wattle for the approximately three months, and expect to continue until sometime around the end of the year. My life here, though but a passing encounter, has come with a great bounty of experiences. Be that of the natural world, which flourishes from the very doorstep of this place, or the involvement within a wider community of people engaged in the awesome task of seeking the inner path. The path to wisdom, to truth, to self, and perhaps even to god. It seems that all who come here are seeking, and that is a beautiful thing. Even though my role here has been a simple one, the opportunity to contribute to a place involved in such valuable work is one I am very happy to accept. I am not a Quaker, or affiliated with any faith for that matter. Regardless, it has been with great joy and purpose that I have existed here, as the acts as seeking, learning and discerning are things I hold to be universal.

The practical experience of working here, at least for myself, has been much more gift than trial. The meditative qualities of the washing up are not to be underestimated, and the partly unexpected challenges of wrangling George back into his pen never cease to amuse. I feel I have come at a good time, where there are a number of people working in community to support each other. So long as there is continued support, I think this place will remain a very positive place to be and to work. It is with that in mind that I would strongly urge anyone with the inclination to come and be part of the working community.

With quiet enthusiasm, Nic.

Nic served here as FiR from June to October.

Contributed on the 21 August, 2016

Nicholas Miller

Nicholas Miller