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Speak Peace

Based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication, “Speak Peace” acknowledges our need for self connection and self compassion as people committed to peace in our troubled world. “It starts with me.” Starting with an introductory session on Friday night, the program will cover the language of disconnection; making clear observations instead of judgments and interpretations; how to express our true feelings instead of our thoughts; identifying needs instead of strategies; making requests instead of demands so that everyone’s needs, including our own can be met non-violently. The course will involve activities in small groups; work in large groups; demonstrations and role play.

Course Cost: $256 Single $236 Double/Twin including accommodation and meals.

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Course Leader: Susan Clarke



Susan has been studying and practising Non Violent Communication since 2011. She has attended workshops in Australia and internationally, including the New York Intensive in Rochester, New York, and an International Intensive Training held in Bangalore, India. For the past two years she has participated in the LIFE program with Robert Gonzales, whose profound work in living compassion has been transformative.

Susan has facilitated trainings in a range of contexts for volunteer organisations in Brisbane, Northern Suburbs Friends’ Meeting in Melbourne, at Friends Meeting House in Canberra and at Silver Wattle Quaker Centre.

She is currently the Director of the Silver Wattle Quaker Centre.