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Quakerism 101

This is a course for people who want to delve more deeply into Quaker insights about faith, worship, testimony and community. It is an opportunity to reflect on our Quaker ways, and to explore, in community, how this fits with you and how you fit with Quakerism. We will explore topics such as

  • God and Worship, Testimony, Leadings and Concerns
  • How Quakers in Australia are organised and the Quaker presence in the wider world
  • The continuing relevance of Early Quakers and our Christian origins
  • Peculiar Quaker language and its underlying significance
  • The sensitive topic of Membership

At the end of the course you will have a stronger sense of who Quakers are, your own spiritual journey, and have more words to describe this to others.

Course Cost: $768 Single $708 Double/Twin including accommodation, meals

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Catherine & Helen

Catherine finds great joy in both teaching and learning, especially within her spiritual community. She brings to SWQC a working lifetime’s experience in adult education, including teacher professional development as well as her twenty plus year personal journey with Friends, her study in Organisation Dynamics, and more recently as a facilitator with Meeting for Learning.

Helen is a lifelong Quaker and loves being part of a worldwide faith community that works for peace, justice and equality. She has travelled among Friends in Asia, North America and Europe with a particular concern for children’s human rights. Closely involved in the establishment of SWQC, she was its first Resident Director. Today she is a gardener and a bonneted granny who engages joyfully in nonviolent resistance to war.