Welcome to our new website

This blog will be updated regularly to keep you informed about developments at Silver Wattle, what's happening with the course program and to bring news of Friends who visit. 

Silver Wattle is growing. Our residential community now has five residents and a staff of seven, as was envisaged by our founders back in 2009 at the start of our journey. 

We are looking forward to a wonderful year of new developments on the property - the development of the camping area, the Shearing Shed as an arts space, and some exciting and inspiring courses designed to help us grow in the Spirit. 

We hope to see you here in 2017 - at a course, as a Friend in Residence or as a sojourner seeking refreshment. 

In peace and Friendship

Susan Clarke, Centre Director

Xanthera at the top of the escarpment

Xanthera at the top of the escarpment