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Spring Gardening Week

Ah... Spring! What a lovely time for gardening. The weather is divine at Silver Wattle this time of year, and so is the land in it's fullness and potential. People come to Silver Wattle and say with delight, "I planted that garlic bed!" Don't miss your opportunity for such satisfactions.

For keen gardeners, consider coming the weekend prior (20-23 September) to attend Rowe Morrow’s permaculture course, Toward a Good Relationship with Earth.

Each day will have opportunities for shared worship and fellowship, and a balance of working and resting. Note that this week will also include some opportunities for Land Care work (e.g. bush regeneration & weed control).


FREE registration

Donations of $25 to $60 per day (towards costs of food and accommodation) are appreciated

Register your interest here

If you need to be picked up from the Bungendore train station ($10 fee) or Canberra airport ($35 fee) please contact

For those who are very keen gardeners, consider coming to Rowe Morrow's course the preceding weekend.