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Year-End Retreat: Awareness, Attentiveness and Acceptance

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Led by David and Trish Johnson

We are being given another year, hopefully, of living in the Light. Whatever happened in 2018, let our hearts be opened so each of us may better understand and undertake what God is asking of us in 2019. The course will explore Quaker writings, the Bible and your Inner Guide for ‘walking in the Light’ with times for learning, sharing experience, personal prayer & reflection, and a range of exercises to open up spiritual space. The retreat will include an afternoon and overnight period of silence midway through, and is open for anyone from mid-teens onwards in age.

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David Johnson is a convinced Friend of Conservative nature. David delivered the 2005 Backhouse Lecture to Australia Yearly Meeting on Peace is a Struggle, and wrote A Quaker Prayer Life (2013), and Jesus, Christ and Servant: Meditations on the Gospel According to John (2017).

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Trish Johnson has been in private practice as a psychologist and trainer for over 30 years. Trish embraces mindfulness and neuropsychology in her clinical practice. She has served as Convener of the Committee of Elders at Silver Wattle. David and Trish were Co-Directors of Silver Wattle 2013-2014.

Cost: The cost for this 6-day course includes all meals and accommodation

  • Standard Registration $699

  • Single Room (as available) $759

  • Concession $659

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to Nov 4

Indigenous Spirituality – Making Spiritual Connections

Led by Shane Mortimer, Serene Fernando and Noritta Morseu-DioIp

In this course we hope to make connections with each other, with the land, and with the spiritual wisdom of our traditions. Local Elder Shane Mortimer will offer a welcome to country. We will hear from Serene Fernando, a Gamilaroi woman who is producing a creative PhD research thesis looking at the spiritual beliefs of her ancestors. She is looking forward to sharing the wisdom she has found, and her personal responses to this. Noritta Morseu-Diop, from Thursday Island, will introduce to us the spirituality of her salt-water people. She has a PHD in Criminal Justice and Social Work, and organised a First Nations Traditional Knowledge Conference in August this year.

For our weekend come prepared for some listening, some yarning, some walking, and some time for personal reflection and connection.

 Noritta Morseau-Diop

Noritta Morseau-Diop

 Serene Fernando

Serene Fernando

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to Oct 25

Art Nature Spirit

Led by Brenda Roy, Barbara Huntington and Jen Newton

“The creative process like a spiritual journey is intuitive, nonlinear and experiential. It points us toward our essential nature, which is a reflection of the boundless creativity of the universe.” - John Daido Loori

Many of us wish we were more creative. Many of us are more creative, but feel unable to effectively tap that creativity. Be inspired and supported by the wonderful natural beauty of the Silver Wattle environment to give time to your creativity and the spirit through art making.
We invite you to take time out to rejuvenate mentally and spiritually, joining with others to deepen connection to your spiritual practice. We will play with different mediums and share stories and experiences that enhance and enrich the inner spirit, allowing your creativity to emerge through exploring and responding to the landscape. You will gain some technical skills relating to art practice and discover the beauty and restorative benefits of a stay at Silver Wattle.

 Brenda Roy

Brenda Roy

 Barbara Huntington

Barbara Huntington

 Jen Newton

Jen Newton

Brenda Roy is a Friend from Perth and has been a weaver and maker for many years. She finds joy in playing with natural materials, and the glory and mystery of creating and combining colours and textures. She loves to make useful textiles which express her love of the natural world. Creativity is her daily path to gratitude, reflection and connecting with Spirit.

Barbara Huntington attends the NSW Mid North Coast meeting and also a local Buddhist group in Kempsey. She has worked for several years as an artist using textiles as her preferred medium, using embroidery, dyeing and felting to express ideas and experiences. She exhibits her art with the Fibre Artists Network. Barbara says, “For me creativity is a continuation of my spiritual practice. It helps me discover the mystery of spirit and supports me to look closer at many situations and events. It encourages a self discipline that I tap into, prompting me to keep exploring meaning where I may have easily given up. Being a member of a team who are sharing their creative skills to explore their relationship to spirit is an exciting and rewarding experience.”

Jen Newton’s art practice involves sitting in silence with the materials she is going to work with. She says, “I am often challenged by an idea of what I would like to create and sometimes it just won’t work ….I find that sinking into the silence and being present I find a way forward that is more often not what I thought I would do.” Jen works with recycled materials from textiles to steel and wire and has recently been exploring printing, layering textiles and paper, stitching and incorporating text into her work. Jen is a member of the Hobart Friends meeting and also meets with two small Quaker based spiritual groups that seek to know and walk with God. She is currently completing a course in contemplative practice “Igniting the Fire” with Drew Lawson.

Standard Registration $699

Supporting Registration $759

Concession $659

Early half of week $250

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